Bill Gates Quietly Buys $43,000,000 Oceanfront Home In Midst of Pandemic

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With roughly 26 million Americans losing their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, billionaire Bill Gates decided to purchase a $43 million 5,800-square-foot home in Del Mar, California. It is the second most expensive home in the area.

Bill Gates is worth roughly $102 billion, according to Business Insider.

While reports claim that Gates mainly spends billions on charity through his own foundation, plans to give away most of his fortune, and only spends a fraction of his money to indulge on a few luxuries, Gates is still drawing heavy criticism.

In particular, Gates is known for regularly professing the dangers of climate change, yet purchases a luxury-car collection as well as oceanfront property.

As John Nolte of Breitbart points out, there is glaring hypocrisy between the things Gates claims to be true and the ways in which he spends his fortune.

“Riddle me this,” Nolte writes. “If you truly believe in Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever-these-proven-frauds-are-calling-it-now is a real and imminent crisis, that means you believe the oceans are destined to rise and flood the coasts and that this will happen in your lifetime… So why would anyone who professes to believe such a thing — as Gates regularly does — invest $43 million in oceanfront real estate?”

USA Today reported that Gates is even writing a book titled, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” and it was previously scheduled for June 2020.

As reported by Fox News, many “expert” predictions on climate change have been inaccurate over the years.

Judging by Gates’ words, he believes very strongly in the devastating and imminent impact of climate change as well as the widely accepted predictions of what’s to come.

Judging by Gates’ actions, however, his words seem to lose nearly all meaning.

If you judge Gates by his meaningless words, he is not a climate denier. But where it matters… In his actions, his behavior, his multi-million dollar investments…

No one — not even if you’re worth billions — pisses away $43 million. Which proves that just like CNN and Barack Obama, Bill Gates is a Climate Change activist who knows it’s all a hoax (and trust me, it is) because no one who truly believes the oceans will flood the coasts would invest 43 million goddamned dollars on a doomed house that sits right on the ocean.

The Wall Street Journal and NY Post reported, “The six-bedroom home spans about 5,800 square feet… It has a 10-person Jacuzzi overlooking a fire pit, a long oceanfront deck, limestone flooring and a swimming pool.”


Nolte explains the hypocrisy on Gates’ part:

Imagine me telling you that you should not drive a car, use air conditioning, or zealously guard all your individual liberties because if you do the oceans will rise and destroy the coasts, while I invest $43 million in oceanfront property.

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See how this works?

And Gates and Obama and CNN all get away with it. Over and over and over again their behavior betrays what they truly believe, but the racket is so rigged, they can brazenly live a life proving they are lying to the rest of us about this hoax, and no one cares — there’s no price to pay.

The Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever-these-proven-frauds-are-calling-it-now racket is so rigged, Bill Gates doesn’t even have to care how much his actions expose the truth of what he believes.