Democrats ‘Flabbergasted’ After Latinos Turn Their Back Against Party

Democrats thrive off of identity politics. They win elections when they successfully pit Americans against each other. They convince impressionable voters that Republicans hate blacks, Hispanics, gays, and on and on. So, those groups turn around and vote for Democrats out of fear without even considering the different political positions and how they are affected by them. It’s pretty gross but it’s effective.

Luckily, things seem to be changing.

For starters, Trump’s support from the black community has doubled since he took office. That’s pretty remarkable.

On top of that, Trump is doing pretty well with the Hispanic community.

At least one liberal pollster is flabbergasted as to how that happened.

From Western Journal


Liberal pollsters are saying they are confounded by the fact that large numbers of Latinos are supporting President Donald Trump instead of anti-Trump Democrats.

“My instant analysis is it’s because of the economy,” Fernand Amandi, principal at the Democrat polling firm Bendixen & Amandi International, told CNN.

Amandi said Latinos should be supporting Democrats due to Trump’s position on issues such as illegal immigration.

“I still think it’s a little too soon to push the panic button, but having said that, we are not seeing the types of numbers with Hispanic voters that we should be seeing with the most hostile person to ever hold public office against Hispanics as the president,” he said. “And that in and of itself is a concern.

This guy doesn’t even realize that what he just said is part of the problem Democrats are having.

Hispanics are finally getting tired of the reckless rhetoric from Democrats.

Amandi referred to Trump as the most hostile president to Hispanics ever. That’s ridiculous. What is he even talking about? Trump is hostile to illegal immigrants, from a variety of countries, that break our laws to come here. Amandi is trying to scare Hispanics and it just isn’t working anymore. Hispanic citizens and legal immigrants have absolutely nothing to fear from Trump. In fact, life is getting better for them.

Democrats just don’t know how to reach out to minority communities without scare tactics and free stuff.

Maybe the times are changing. Maybe Trump finally made the conservative case in an effective way.

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Brian Mac
Brian Mac

I see it here in New Mexico from both Hispanos and Native Americans! I LOVE it!!!!

Shelley Jackson
Shelley Jackson

Excellent reporting ladies! LOVE the blog and was to happy to find it. Once again, you’re being “quashed” by Facebook – but now I make a point of going to your page every day to look for posts as they’re not showing up in my newsfeed despite me selecting “see first” and “all posts on” on your page. I wouldn’t call Trump “hostile” to the illegal immigrants (except maybe the smugglers, coyotes, MS13 gang and felons who keep abusing the system). I would say Trump is strict and firm about illegal immigration, but not hostile. He has repeatedly said he… Read more »


So perfect !! Upload you tube !!!


If you expect minorities to NEED free stuff to reach them, it’s insulting — isn’t that what they call the “soft bigotry of low expectations?” Instead, our President is treating people of color like dignified human beings and assuming they want to participate as real citizens pulling their weight, earning their way, contributing to the community.

An unspoken implied insult vs. being treated like a dignified regular person, I know which one would get my vote.


Yes I did and many many many times. He’s the rock of what our country was when I was growing up! Been along time and everything I’ve always wanted, he is doing! Almost exactly!