Acosta Becomes Butt of the Joke After Posting Shameless Selfie of His One True Love

No one loves CNN’s Jim Acosta more than Jim Acosta. And he showed that once again with a tweet that he made on Wednesday night.

Acosta was preparing to appear on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Getting ready to bring some #realnews,” he said, tweeting a photo of him staring at himself, with the hashtag, #nottheenemy.

This self-love and continuing whine naturally sparked a lot of comment on Twitter.

And then came the memes:

But even some on the left have had enough of Acosta’s style of ‘journalism’ and how he’s making media look bad.

The Atlantic article basically castigates him for violating a fundamental rule of journalism – tell the story but don’t become the story and the coin the perfect term – a “dangerous form of performance journalism.” Because it isn’t about the news or getting to the truth, it’s about Jim and his search for attention.

And as Acosta confessed when he appeared with Jimmy Kimmel, he sees his purpose as “tormenting the Trump administration.”