Thug Who Destroyed Trump’s Star and Bragged About It Gets Hit with Felony Charge, Facing Hard Time

The man who recently destroyed President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been bragging and proud about his act. But now he’s finding out that he may be facing some steep consequences for his actions.

If you don’t like Trump there are a lot of constructive things that you could do. You can vote him out when that comes up in 2020 and you can vote in people you think represent what you want. If you don’t like his ideas, you can push some of you own and try to work with lawmakers to bring them to fruition.

But taking a pickax to his star is about the dumbest thing you can do. It’s all about your emotion, it actually changes nothing that you claim to which you object. Plus it’s attacking a national historic landmark when you’re attacking the Walk of Fame.

But it got Austin Clay his 15 minutes of fame and he reveled in it, giving an interview to TMZ and gloating about what he had done. He bragged that he’d gotten congratulatory calls from Trump hating celebrities. “Robert De Niro left me a voice message,” Clay claimed. “He wanted to say … he wanted to give me a high-five. Chelsea Handler (who wanted to know if he was single), Mark Hamill.”

“I think I did, like, a real good act,” Clay boasted. “Personally, I don’t feel resentful. I feel proud of myself.”

He also insulted Trump and Trump supporters. “I think Donald Trump represents everything that everybody with half a brain and half a heart in this country resents.”

And then he even had the nerve to appear before the West Hollywood city council and argue for the star to be permanently removed because it “attracts violence” when he’s the violent one.
While the West Hollywood Council voted to remove it, that only acts as a request to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which has in the past said that they do not remove stars from the Walk because they consider it a historic landmark.

But Austin Clay may now have to pay the piper.

From Conservative Tribune:

That interview was given in late July. Today, however, TMZ learned that Clay has been slapped with one count of felony vandalism for what he did to Trump’s star.

If convicted, Clay could spend up to three years in county jail. If his July interview is anything to go by, it doesn’t sound like Clay will have any remorse.

So he achieved nothing and changed nothing about the Trump administration.

He faces up to three years in jail.

But he did get calls from celebrities. Hope the calls from celebrities were worth it.