IT’S OVER: Ellison Learns His Fate, Just Hours After 911 Call Surfaces from 2nd Woman He ‘Abused’

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison was faced with abuse allegations concerning two different women as he went into his primary for the position of Minnesota Attorney General. Did that stop voters?


From Fox News:

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison scored a victory Tuesday night in the Minnesota primary race for the state’s attorney general days after domestic abuse accusations against him surfaced.

Ellison, who serves as the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and is the first Muslim elected to Congress, was accused over the weekend of emotional and physical abuse by an ex-girlfriend.

Addressing the abuse allegations in his victory speech, Ellison said: “We had a very unexpected event at the end of this campaign that happened. I want to assure you that it is not true.”

Ellison was accused at the end of last week of abuse on his former girlfriend Karen Manahan by her son who said he had a video of her being dragged off a bed by her feet and texts of his abusive language including calling her a ‘f**kin b**ch.’

Monahan confirmed her son’s claim saying that she had in fact been abused by Ellison.

Ellison had also been accused of abuse by another former girlfriend, Democratic activist Amy Alexander in 2005. That claim was resurrected after the Monahan allegations broke. Alexander’s claims were supported by a 911 call report.

Voters didn’t have much of a chance to calculate the abuse allegations into the vote.

There wasn’t a lot of media coverage.

And the DNC failed to respond to requests for comment until late yesterday, well after it would have any real effect on voters.

From Daily Wire:

“The party has no choice but to suspend him at a minimum until they figure out what’s going on,” former DNC communications director Luis Miranda told NPR in response to the allegations. “Frankly, it would be malpractice not to. We’ve made it clear we’re going to take these accusations seriously, at a minimum. We set too high a standard not to take this seriously.”

In Minnesota, Democrats have always won the attorney general seat, so winning the primary is likely a guarantee that he will win the general election without further uproar over his actions.