Omarosa Now Hit With Bombshell Sexual Accusation HERSELF

Media has been all over the scurrilous claims by Omarosa, a person they mocked when she was praising President Donald Trump, but now are giving credence to because they hope that any of it is true. But turns out she has a scurrilous accusation of her own made by a famous media personality.

Piers Morgan, who won the season of The Apprentice on which Omarosa appeared, eviscerated Omarosa Manigault Newman when he appeared on Fox with Tucker Carlson, detailing why no one should trust anything that she has to say.

Then he dropped a bomb on Omarosa, telling Tucker the astonishing proposition she made to him.

From Real Clear Politics:

PIERS MORGAN: Day One, first challenge, I’ve never met this woman. She sidles up to me, and says, hey Pierce, we should have a ‘showmance.’ On ‘The Apprentice,’ everyone has sex with each other. So you and I could do that, and then we could sell it and make loads of money.

I said, ‘Are you completely deluded? What?’

She said, ‘What’s the matter with you, are you gay?’

I said, ‘No, just because I don’t want to have sex with you on this show doesn’t mean I am gay.’

Tucker observed it was his #MeToo moment.

Morgan then said how she continued to harass him for four or five weeks of “abuse, tirades, homophobic stuff, really vicious, nasty stuff.” “I couldn’t believe it,” Morgan said.

But Morgan beat her anyway to win.

He said he had a lot of respect for the president but didn’t think the hiring made sense, that she didn’t achieve anything in her time at the White House, apart from causing a disruption.

He said she was likely plotting, scheming and recording the whole time.

We’re now going to have her on Celebrity Big Brother, and all the stuff coming out of that, then we’re going to have the book, then the docu-series, and then the Lifetime movie, at which point you and I are going to have to leave the country because it is so ridiculously absurd.

Sounds like he’s spot on target.