Antifa Causes Trouble At Gun Rights Rally in Seattle, Attacks Trump Supporter

The Washington 3 Percenters and Patriot Prayer came out for a “Liberty or Death” rally to protest a gun control initiative in Seattle. But radical leftists were intent on shutting down their free speech, to the point of violence, forcing dozens of police to respond.

From Fox News:

The left-wingers — including members of Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party — yelled and used cow bells and sirens in an attempt to drown out speeches from the other side.

One person on the gun-rights side, sporting a Donald Trump hat, was treated for an injury at the scene. A police spokesman told the Seattle Times that a total of three men were arrested for misdemeanor assault.

As tensions mounted, additional police arrived, including some in riot gear. Bicycle officers lined up their bikes as a type of moving barrier to keep protesters from entering the street.

Here’s a video of the event. The pro-gun rights folks hilariously appropriated the leftist chant “Whose streets, our streets!” and taunted the Antifa folks with it.

* Warning for bad language *

Notice how Fox actually identified the radicals by their groups, something you virtually never see in media, even Fox. Just basic fact that these groups are socialist or communist in nature but it’s never reported. Like CNN terming Antifa ‘anti-hate’ groups, that’s about all you see in terms of information.

The gun-control initiative would expand background checks, raise the age for people buying semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21, and create standards for safely storing firearms.

On Friday a judge threw out 300,000 signatures necessary to put the initiative on the November ballot on the grounds that it did not meet election-law requirements. The Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the group behind the proposal, has appealed the motion.

Big surprise, fraud in the signatures. Who would have guessed?

Washington and Oregon have been hotbeds of Antifa and leftist violence, with riots just two weeks ago in Portland.

But while there has been some violence, police seem to have gotten better at largely keeping the groups separate.