New Poll Of Blue And White Collar Workers Reveals How Optimistic Americans Are About Future Under Trump

There was no doubt that a vote for Donald Trump made more sense for the economy than a vote for Hillary Clinton. President Obama presided over the slowest economic recovery since World War II and Hillary promised to continue that failed economic agenda. It was common sense to try something new even if you weren’t a Republican.

Trump managed to convince blue collar workers all across the country that he was the right candidate for the job and according to the polls those workers are happy and optimistic about the job he’s doing so far.

From Washington Examiner:

That recession driven grimness hanging over the workplace has lifted and now workers of all shades are feeling good about their future.

A new survey provided to Secrets said that 72 percent of blue collar workers and 76 percent of white collar workers are optimistic about their future.

What’s more, half feel that it would be easy to find another job if they needed or wanted to.

How about that?

That definitely suggests that the voters who gave Trump states the pundits told him he could never win like Michigan and Pennsylvania are going to stick by the president if things continue to go well. It’s hard to imagine they don’t.

The poll did say that workers are worried about automation which makes perfect sense. Automation has been hurting the American worker for a long time now.

Overall, this is good news for the president and for all Americans who want things to get better.