Knife-Wielding Leftist Who Attacked GOP Candidate Set to Be Released by Judge’s Unthinkable Ruling

Earlier this week, an unhinged liberal shouting anti-Trump remarks attacked a GOP congressional candidate with a knife. It was yet another example of violence directed toward Republicans and yet the mainstream media didn’t seem to care much about it.

The mainstream media pretty much entirely ignored this story. In fact, CNN completely ignored it. As of Wednesday night, they hadn’t even bothered to mention it.

From The Daily Caller:

More than 24 hours after authorities announced the arrest of a California man who allegedly tried to stab a Republican congressional candidate, CNN has yet to inform its audience of the story.

Farzad Fazeli, 35, allegedly made disparaging remarks about the Republican Party before pulling out a switchblade and attempting to stab Rudy Peters at a festival Sunday, according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

But by Wednesday evening, CNN had published zero articles on the attempted stabbing. A Daily Caller News Foundation review of CNN’s on-air coverage Tuesday and Wednesday found zero segments informing viewers of the attack.

You think they’d bring it up if a Democrat had been attacked with a knife by a Trump supporter?


Now, the situation has gotten even worse. This maniac could be getting out of jail soon.

From Conservative Tribune:

A left-wing radical is set to be released from county jail on bail after threatening to murder California Republican congressional candidate Rudy Peters.

“He would have stabbed me,” Peters said, “I mean, he had it out saying, ‘I’m going to kill you MFer! I’m going to kill you!’ I could see his thumb trying to get the knife out.”

Fazeli’s bail was set at $55,000, and his family already said they intend to bail him out.

The attacker has a stay-away order from Peters, but what good will that do if he truly wants to cause harm to the candidate? If he was willing to risk going to jail to attack somebody before, he is clearly capable of doing the same thing again.

Pretty wild that this guy was given such a low bail. He tried to murder a political candidate. Clearly, California isn’t taking that crime very seriously.

Fazeli’s lawyer had the audacity to argue that his client was defending himself. Obviously, that’s preposterous.

Here’s what the guy looks like in case you are in California and he is released to the streets.

Bad news.