Grassley Finally Gets His Hands on ORIGINAL Ford Letter From Feinstein — And Boy, the Questions It Raises

The alleged original letter that Christine Blasey Ford wrote to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has just been released by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). And it immediately raises several questions when you look at it.

This was the letter sent to Feinstein that was later leaked when only Ford, Feinstein and her staff and Rep. Anna Eshoo and her staff had access to it to The Intercept.

Interestingly, while it says to keep it confidential until we speak, it doesn’t say keep the allegation secret and it offers to meet with her which raises the question if Feinstein ever did meet with her.

Here it is:

But there are several questions the letter raises.

First, if you look at the letter it appears to have varying fonts. And strangely, the line in which Brett Kavanaugh is named appears different and added, almost as though it were an afterthought. And the print one Judge’s name appears different as well.

She claims in the letter that there are 4 people apart from herself who we now know she’s claiming were at the party – Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth and her lifelong friend Leland Keyser. This varies from what she told her therapist – that there were four boys in the room. It also differs from her account that she gave after the story came out where she said the therapist’s notes were a ‘mistake’ and she said there were four boys at the party including the two in the room.

And the Washington Post when they ran the story about her claims originally never mentioned there was a girl at the party, despite the fact that they not only knew Leland Keyser was there but knew that Keyser did not support the allegation. They didn’t include Keyser’s take in their article.

Ford says that she ran out of the house and went home. So that raises the question, how then does she not know where the house was? How did she get home? As a 15-year-old she didn’t drive.

And perhaps more to the point, if she thought that Kavanaugh was trying to rape her, why would she run out of the house and not try to secure the safety of her friend who she just left in the house. And she never discussed it with the friend?

She also claims that she got “medical treatment” for the incident. But based on what we know now, this isn’t quite true. She says she never told anyone until she told her therapist in 2012. And even then the therapist notes don’t reflect that she named Kavanaugh.

Then interestingly, she tells Feinstein that she can be contacted because she is vacationing in the “mid-Atlantic” and will be back in California August 10 if Feinstein wants to talk with her. So the question might be was she flying or driving back and forth? Given her alleged fear of flying which made her delay the hearing.

Then, interestingly, it has her name, “Christine Blasey” not Blasey Ford and no signature, almost as though it were an email.

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But the inconsistencies and the odd fonts on the name almost as though it filled in later may be one of the reasons that Feinstein held the letter back.