Fox Announces Incredible New Hire That Has Conservatives Cheering

There’s been a fair amount of turnover at Fox News the last few years. Big names like Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Bill Shine, Roger Ailes, Eric Bolling, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, are long gone but Fox still continues to dominate in the ratings. That domination clearly shows that Fox has been successfully able to replace the names they lost.

Fox just added another name to their team and Trump supporters are going to love it.

From Washington Examiner:

Hope Hicks has landed in Los Angeles.

Months after resigning from her role as White House communications director and moving back to New York City, Hicks has been hired by Fox as executive vice president and chief of communications officer.

Hicks will be based on the West Coast in her new role with the company being spun off from 21st Century Fox’s merger with The Walt Disney Company. The new company being spun off, sometimes referred to as “New Fox,” includes Fox News, Fox Sports, and the broadcast network.

Not bad.

Hope Hicks is sharp as a tack and she clearly understands messaging and she clearly understands the Trump White House. She will be a solid addition to the team.

As expected, liberals aren’t taking the news well.

Do we even need to bother responding to false nonsense like this? It seems like a waste of time to explain how incestuous the mainstream media was when it came to the Obama Admin. and the major networks.

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Nothing will ever be good enough for liberals.