HYPOCRISY: Robert De Niro Can’t Stop Slurring As He Tries to Shame Kavanaugh for Drinking

When it comes to unhinged Hollywood celebrities you’ll have a hard time finding someone more off the rails than Robert De Niro. The guy hates Trump with a passion. The reason? He’s never really articulated it. He just wants to beat him up because he’s a jerk or something.

De Niro also doesn’t like Brett Kavanaugh and it’s clear he doesn’t really follow politics that closely because some of the things he says simply don’t have any connection to reality. Recently, De Niro showed up at a fundraiser for childhood diabetes and for some reason he felt the need to use that opportunity to bash Brett Kavanaugh for drinking beer. He also had a hard time articulating what he was saying and a lot of people out there are pretty convinced De Niro was drunk.

From Breitbart:

Actor Robert De Niro attacked Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for his drinking during at an event for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation Saturday, and couldn’t exactly get his words right.

“Now, one reminder. The drinks, wine and beer are flowing. But be careful if you have too much, you may end up on the Supreme Court,” Robert De Niro said while slurring his words in a video obtained by TMZ.

The fact he’s drunk at an event like this isn’t really the issue. The issue is the hypocrisy. How are you going to lecture Brett Kavanaugh about drinking beer in college while you are bombed yourself?

The only silver lining here is that no one really cares from De Niro or any other celebrities think anymore. The only time De Niro even gets attention now is when he makes ridiculous comments about Republicans. Kind of pathetic actually.