California Admits to ‘Error’ That Put 1,500 Non-Citizens on the Voter Rolls

Over and over for years and years we have been told by the Democrats that voter fraud doesn’t exist. It’s a myth and Republicans only talk about voter ID because they don’t want minorities to vote because minorities aren’t capable of getting IDs. First of all, how racist is that to infantilize minorities that way? Second of all, a simple Google search will tell you that voter fraud is very real.

This all about one thing and one thing only. Democrats getting votes from people with no legal right to be here.

In California, the people in charge are desperate to let illegal aliens vote.

Check out the latest “error” that happened at the California DMV.

From The Daily Caller:

An error at California’s Department of Motor Vehicles caused more than a thousand people, including some who were not U.S. citizens, to be incorrectly registered to vote, state officials said Monday.

The DMV admitted that a “processing error” at agency field offices resulted in as many as 1,500 people being added to voter rolls between April 23 and Sept. 25.

The widespread glitch was discovered after Randall Marquis, a Canadian citizen and legal U.S. resident living in California, notified the DMV he had received a piece of mail from the agency saying he was registered to vote. In response to Marquis’ alert, the agency ordered an internal audit and discovered hundreds of similar cases.

If you know anything about California you know that it’s ridiculous to chalk this up as an error.

The state has been giving illegal aliens drivers licenses for a long time now. More than a million illegal aliens have received one and the state knows full well that voting is a million times easier when you have one of those. This is all just a big game to them. They pretend they care about voter integrity and then turn around and do stuff like this.

New rule: You don’t get to complain about Russia meddling in our election if you vote Democrat and support illegal aliens voting and messing with our elections far more severely than Russia ever did.

Voter fraud is real. You aren’t paying attention if you think otherwise.