Now That Kavanaugh Saga Is Over, CNN Is Talking about Trump’s Penis

CNN is such a disaster. It’s really just embarrassing at this point. They take L after L after L and get embarrassed time and time again and yet they make no effort to at least pretend they are trying to be a serious news organization. It’s clear that they just don’t care about journalism or the truth. They’ve decided that they are going to do everything they can to stop Trump. The funny thing is that they don’t realize they are actually helping Trump by botching their coverage of him so bad but they don’t care. They will keep doing their thing no matter how low the ratings go. And make no mistake, they are remarkably low.

From Breitbart:

In a list of the top 20 cable news shows from the third quarter of 2018, there is not a single CNN program—the top 20 is all Fox News and MSNBC shows.

CNN’s first entry on the list comes from Cuomo Prime Time, which claimed the 23rd slot, followed by Anderson Cooper 360 at number 24.

This embarrassing showing for CNN in the third quarter comes as the network has repeatedly shown weekly year-over-year ratings drops.

During one week last month, the network experienced a 41 percent drop in daytime ratings compared to last year.

The Brett Kavanaugh saga is over. CNN lost. So, they were forced to move on. Guess what irrelevant story they moved back to?

Stormy Daniels! More specifically, what Stormy Daniels thinks Trump’s penis looks like!

From Breitbart:

CNN host Don Lemon hosted Stormy Daniels on Monday to talk more about her book, and Lemon once again brought up how Daniels described Trump’s penis in her book.

“You said you don’t have many regrets, but the one that you have recently is writing about the president’s private parts. Why do you regret that?” Lemon asked.

“I don’t really regret it,” Daniels replied. “I just have a couple moments where I’m like, ‘That was kind of mean.’ But, then I look back on all the horrible things he’s said about other people and women and calling women pigs, and attacking girls’ weights and their looks, and then I don’t feel so bad.”

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Real mature, huh?

How silly do you have to feel being Don Lemon? All of this serious stuff going on in the world and you’re sitting there talking to a porn star who claims to have slept with Trump once. What a joke.

This sums up CNN perfectly.