Portland Antifa Blocks Streets, Threatens Drivers, Chases Elderly Man, Police Do Nothing

Antifa has become a continual and consistent problem in Portland because in part of ineffectual leadership from the Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler who has refused to effectively deal with the trouble and the damage that they cause. They last caused problems during Abolish ICE protests, camping outside the ICE facility, and harassing ICE agents. The Mayor was accused of having the police stand down and refuse to protect the ICE employees because of his own abolish ICE position. Now, over the weekend, Antifa blocked the streets and caused a near riot, threatening people in the streets and in their cars. And once again, the police appeared to be missing in action.

The titular reason was police shooting of Patrick Kimmons but that’s just this week’s excuse to spread anarchy. Kimmons was shot by police after he allegedly turned on them with a gun and after he was allegedly involved in a prior shooting involving two other people. A gun was found on his body.

Check how the Antifa folks racially assail a man whose car they are blocking. They call him a ‘white supremacist’ because he’s white and has a North Carolina license.

Warning for language

“We don’t need your KKK in Portland, Oregon,” one screams.

They continued to stand in the street and threatened to “beat people.”

And here the mob starts attacking the car of an elderly man. He pulls away but then stops down the street to check his car for damage. That’s when they chase him down the street, start threatening him and attacking his car again. He has to jump in his car and beat it out of there.

That wasn’t all.

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After they attacked him in the street, they later doxxed the elderly man, claiming he’d hit a protester.

Where were the police as this was going on? There was an officer down the street a block away just staring at the action as the video shows, not doing anything.

They released a statement saying they were monitoring the crowd and weighing the protesters’ First Amendment rights with the rights of the rest of the public.

From Blue Lives Matter

When asked for comment, Portland Police Bureau’s said that introducing law enforcement to a crowd of people engaged in illegal activity could “change the demeanor of the crowd for the worse.”

“The Police Bureau respects the rights of community members to practice their First Amendment Right to free speech as well the desire of community members to remain safe while traveling and living in the area where free speech events occur,” Portland Police Department Public Information Officer Sergeant Chris Burley told Blue Lives Matter on Monday afternoon.