Hillary Calls for End of Civility in Politics, Incites Violence Against Republicans — Scalise Fires Back

The Democratic Party today supports violence to get their point across. There’s no debating that at this point. It started with Antifa which has used violence for years now but the Democrats would dismiss them as being on the fringe. Then Antifa got more and more popular. Keith Ellison supported them. Leaders stopped denouncing them. Then Maxine Waters came along and started encouraging liberals to harass conservatives in public. Those liberals listened and now we see it happening all the time. Republican offices have been attacked and defaced. It’s a violent mess and the Democratic Party can no longer argue that the violence is on the fringe.

In fact, they aren’t even really making the argument anymore. Democrats at the highest levels of the party are openly embracing a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude when it comes to political debate.

Hillary Clinton is now on board.

There you have it.

The reaction to her insane comment was pretty swift.

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Steve Scalise has every reason to be upset about that one. He was almost murdered by a Bernie supporter.

What in the world is Hillary thinking?

She’s not. She’s bitter and she’s completely lost touch with reality.

Sad. Dangerous. But sad.

H/T Twitchy