Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw Gets Last Laugh Over SNL Actor, and the Terrorists Who Took His Eye

On Election Day, people are definitely a little exhausted and on edge hoping that the candidates that they have been supporting will win. So here’s a little humor with a meaning from GOP candidate Dan Crenshaw.

A lot of people not from Texas and the second Congressional district may have come to know the Navy SEAL after Pete Davidson mocked him for losing an eye in Afghanistan on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Naturally, that didn’t go over well with most people.

Crenshaw, 34, did three tours of duty.

From Daily Caller:

Dan Crenshaw was on patrol in Helmand province of Afghanistan in 2012 when an IED blast ripped through his body. Crenshaw, a Navy SEAL, was medevaced out of the area and put into a medically induced coma. When he awoke, he was totally blind. Doctors told him he would never see again. Were it not for undergoing risky, experimental treatment — he might not have. Crenshaw regained sight in one eye but lost the other.

Crenshaw gave a pretty classy response to the SNL mocking.

He then challenged SNL to donate $1 million to veterans’ charities.

But Crenshaw has shown how you can make a point while still being funny.

Something that SNL could learn.

Here’s Crenshaw’s message to the Taliban, where he makes the point that despite the fact that they took his eye, they can’t take his freedom or his American dream.