Obama Ends Midterm Campaigning By Talking About Himself 89 Times

President Obama doesn’t seem to understand that he’s a big reason why Donald Trump is president. Obama’s disastrous policies, animosity toward the middle class. and pure incompetence was infuriating for millions of voters including many of his supporters. So infuriating that Trump was elected president instead of the candidate who promised to continue Obama’s policies.

You wouldn’t know that by listening to Obama talk. The way Obama talks you’d think he was universally considered the greatest president of all time.

He recently wrapped up his midterm campaigning and guess what he talked about? Himself. Almost 100 times.

From American Mirror:

Barack Obama is ending the midterm campaign by the way he started: Talking about himself.

A lot.

During a Sunday appearance in Chicago, the former president referred to himself no fewer than 89 times during a roughly 46-minute speech.

“I’m hopeful because out of this political darkness across the country, I’m seeing a great awakening of citizenship,” Obama said.

We’ll see if he still believes that on Wednesday morning.

All told, Obama said “I” 73 times, “Me” 9 times, and “My” 7 times, for a total of 89 times.

Sounds about right.

The media likes to talk about Trump being narcissistic and every politician has to have a certain level of narcissism but Obama sure does love himself.

This is good for Republicans. Obama should keep talking about himself as long as possible. All it does is remind people what a disaster he was and it reminds people how much better the economy is now that he’s gone.