Watch: Trump Crowd Stops Dead When Rally-Goer Has Med Emergency, Audience Begins Singing ‘Amazing Grace’

Trump has been travelling the country with more energy than perhaps we’ve ever seen from a president and clearly he’s still an incredibly popular guy. You just look at some of these crowds he’s drawing and it’s impossible to argue that he’s not beloved.

Epic shots like that have become common as Trump canvassed the country campaigning for the midterms.

There have also been some special moments at his rallies and that was certainly the case Monday night in Missouri. A woman collapsed and needed medical attention and the crowd had her back in a pretty awesome way.

From Fox News:

The crowd at President Donald Trump’s rally in Missouri on Monday evening began singing “Amazing Grace” after a woman collapsed and needed medical attention.

Trump paused his rally for roughly five minutes after asking the audience to say a prayer as emergency responders made their way to the woman.

“Is there a doctor in the house, please? Doctor? Please. Thank you,” the president said while pointing to the woman in the crowd, according to The Hill.

As the woman received medical treatment, the crowd of thousands broke out into song.

Yup those are the deplorables the media keeps telling you about. Terrible racist disgusting people.

Pretty incredible moment.