Young Black Man Goes Viral Explaining Why He’s Casting First Ballot Ever for Republicans

For a long time, Democrats took the black vote for granted. It was just assumed that 90-95% of African Americans were going to vote Democrat no matter what and Republicans pretty much even trying to change their minds. You never saw Mitt Romney even trying to make an appeal to black voters. He just kinda gave up and so did most other Republicans. Then Trump came along and all of a sudden we were seeing things we’ve never seen before.

Trump changed the game and if you know about the #Blexit movement you know that a lot of black people out there are starting to realize that the Democrats not only don’t care about them but are actively putting forward policies that hurt the black community.

Thanks to President Trump. We now have viral videos like this…

Check it out.

Gotta love that.

The identity politics of the left is finally failing. We aren’t defined by our race or gender like Democrats want us to believe. We are defined by who we are inside and race is completely irrelevant. Trump understands that and the proof he understands that are the positive reactions he is getting from minority communities. He’s doing better than Republicans of the past when it comes to approval ratings from minorities so clearly he’s doing something right.

The black community is starting to see through the media’s lies and it’s glorious to behold.