Americans Sent A Clear Message To Mueller In The Midterms, He Won’t Like It One Bit

The midterms are over and all the experts are studying the results and the exit polls trying to figure out what the main takeaways are. We have already learned a lot. The Kavanaugh effect is real. Joe Manchin would not be in the Senate if he didn’t support Kavanaugh. Heidi Heitkamp and Claire McCaskill are no longer senators because they didn’t. We also learned something interesting from the exit polls. The American people aren’t exactly impressed with the Mueller investigation.

From The Daily Caller:

More than half of voters polled at election sites on Tuesday said that they believe the Mueller probe is politically motivated, according to exit polling data compiled by CNN.

Only 40 percent of voters said they approve of the Mueller investigation, which is looking into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Slightly more voters said they disapprove, according to CNN.

Those numbers track closely with NBC News’ exit polling data.

Bad news for the mainstream media. They’ve been telling us for months and months that the American people are behind this investigation. The exit polls don’t show that. The exit polls show that the American people see this for what it is. A political sham. We know how Washington works. If Mueller had a smoking gun we would have heard about it. It would have leaked.

It’s time to wrap this thing up. We’ve put up with this charade long enough.

Trump noticed the message the people sent.

He’s absolutely right.

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I would say that the percentage is a lot higher than 46%. We all see that Muller’s investigation is costing a lot of money that is being paid by the taxpayers. Funny how they have dug up all this stuff on the dummycrats and not a thing on Pres. Trump. I said in 2016 that Pres. Trump had a squeaky reputation and they were barking up the wrong tree for info. Get rid of Muller.


Be DONE with the Mueller pinvestigation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t we go back to Killary/Obama to Benghazi? Obama Sending Billions to Iran of untraceable money? Being paid by Russians to speak in their country? Hillary trading 25% of US Uranium to Russia??? All of the “suicides” connected to the Clinton’s?I still PROMISE the Russians had nothing to do with my voting for Trump as President!!!! It was the utter-less greed and criminal treasonous acts of those democRats that caused me to vote for Trump!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention he beat out what 12 other Republican candidates…. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do not understand elitist liberalism but I do know that reasonable thinking people are calling for an end to this and other shams on the horizon.