Who’s Laughing Now? Navy SEAL Trounces Dem Opponent, Uses Victory Speech to Teach SNL Actor a Brutal Lesson

Yes, the GOP lost the House, but it’s not as bad as predicted. There were some bright spots to point to on the night. One of them was with the Navy SEAL who ‘Saturday Night Live’ mocked, Dan Crenshaw, who ultimately got the last laugh.

While Crenshaw, 34, was predicted to win, Democrats had been hoping they might have more of a chance in the district after Republican Ted Poe decided to vacate the seat.

But SNL mocking Crenshaw and giving him a lot of press right before the election was likely helpful to him because it showed once again the negative liberal media but highlighted Crenshaw’s strong background, class and wit in response.

Many came to his defense, even Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) who may be a Democrat but who lost her legs in Iraq.

From Fox News:

“No one should ever mock a Veteran for the wounds they received while defending our great nation, regardless of political party or what you think of their politics. Pete Davidson owes Dan Crenshaw an apology,” she said.

Crenshaw handled it with class, saying he wasn’t interested in an empty apology but challenging SNL to donate $1 million to veteran’s charities, saying there are a lot of veterans that need help.

Crenshaw ended up pulling 53% to his opponent Todd Litton’s 45.4%.

And in his victory speech, Crenshaw really put it in perspective and politely slammed SNL.

“It’s been an interesting last 72 hours for us,” Crenshaw said, smiling broadly. Right? Yeah. Have you guys heard of that? It was a little interesting. People ask us, ‘Are you offended?’ I’m like, ‘I’m from the SEAL teams, we don’t really get offended,” he said to loud cheers.

“But we also like it when comedians are actually funny, you know? Let’s get back to that, let’s get back to being funny.”

He showed he was far funnier than SNL in his response to the Taliban about taking his eye.