SoCal Bar Gunman ID’d: Video Emerges of Him Opening Fire at Scene of Attack

The police have identified the suspect in the horrific shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. 12 people were killed including a police officer who was one of the first to respond to the shooting.

The suspect was identified as 28-year-old Ian David Long, a Marine veteran who had mental health issues and may have suffered from PTSD.

From Heavy:

Early reports noted that Ian David Long had acquired a 45 caliber Glock legally and shot with excellent form- his military background may have to do with that. Multiple reports have confirmed that 28-year-old Long was a former veteran of the Marines, and that he had sustained PTSD while serving. Mike Rogers of CBSLA also confirmed that Long’s mental history had been looked into in the past, though it’s unclear to what extent.

According to witnesses, Long seemed to know what he was doing while shooting, using the gun with “perfect form” and reloaded at least once. He also laid down a smoke device before shooting.

According to police, they had had prior encounters with Long in the past.

Local authorities had had contact with Long over the years, according to USA Today, once when he was the victim of battery and once when they were called to his home in Newbury Park in 2018, because he was acting “somewhat irate” and irrational, per Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean.

Here is video from the shooting. The witness interviewed erroneously says the shooter was “obviously using a semi-automatic rifle.” In fact, he used a handgun which he reportedly obtained legally.

It’s unclear if he was known to suffer from PTSD how he was able to get a gun in the strict gun controlled California.

Heavy notes that in mass shootings between 1982 and 2018, 98 percent were male and had mental health issues.

H/T Breaking 911