Conservative Student Gets Last Laugh After Teacher Calls Him ‘A–hole’, Evacuates Classroom Because He’s Wearing MAGA Hat

It’s really remarkable how soft liberals are isn’t it? When Obama became president, conservatives all understood he was going to be a disaster. Did they chase liberals out of restaurants? Did they create safe spaces? Did they take to the streets with vagina hats on? Of course not. They debated ideas and started the Tea Party movement and tried to actually move the conversation forward.

Liberals don’t do that. Instead, they yell and scream at anyone who disagrees with me like they are small children.

This video is the latest example. An entire classroom was forced to evacuate because someone had a MAGA hat on.

On what planet is it acceptable for adults to act like this?

However, The student can chalk this one up as a win. You evacuated the class because of a hat??

From Conserative Tribune:

The student wouldn’t concede and the teacher gathered up the entire class to evacuate the classroom as if the MAGA hat was radioactive waste.

It’s sad that our tax dollars are being spent on whiny teachers who get triggered over Trump hats.

But as sad as it was, the teacher’s retreat was a win for the student. The whole incident showed just intellectually bankrupt the modern left actually is.