Hillary’s Top Aide Caught Wandering Fox News HQ with No Pants On, Screaming Bizarre Rant about Wiping ‘Pubic Hair’ off Trump Campaign Spokespeople

Philippe Reines has been one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides and often appears as a surrogate on her behalf with media.

He’s also known for being somewhat unhinged and he proved that again when he appeared on Fox News last night.

It wasn’t so much what happened on the air that caused comment but what happened immediately thereafter, as Trump campaign official Harlan Hill notes.

They finished the debate on Fox about the border wall but Reines couldn’t let it go and followed Hill screaming at him after it was over.

And Hill responded by taking his picture:

People laughed. A lot.

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And Reines confirmed his pants-less state:

And here’s another sample, where he brags about it as his “trademark.”

He also blocked multiple people who queried him about it on Twitter.

And you wonder why Hillary lost?

This guy was unhinged, to begin with, but 2016 really did him in.