Caravanners Devastated As Tijuana Gov’t Lays Down the Law: If You’re Still Here in 2 Days, You’ll Be Completely Cut Off

It’s not just Trump and Republicans who are opposed to the idea of a migrant caravan. The people of Mexico aren’t thrilled about it either. In fact, the mayor of Tijuana seems like he’s pretty much had enough with the thousands of people who just showed up in his town.

Check out what he had to say about the upcoming weather forecast.

From Conservative Tribune:

Now, the mayor of Tijuana is issuing a stern warning to the migrants camped throughout his city: Time — and money — is running out.

“Tijuana’s mayor said the city has only enough resources to support the Central American migrant caravan for two more days and beyond that, there is no guarantee of support,” explained The San Diego Union Tribune.

“We will decide what to do when we get there,” Mayor Gastelum added regarding what happens when the cash runs dry.

Dry is something the caravan members probably won’t be soon, at least according to the weather report. Rain is expected in the area late in the week, and Gastelum told The Union Tribune that there just isn’t enough money to provide tarps to shield the masses from the elements.

Wow. He must be racist!

The people of Mexico agree with the mayor.

From Breitbart:

Seven in ten Mexicans reportedly have a negative view of Central American migrants in the caravan while majorities oppose giving migrants work visas and support tougher enforcement measures, according to a comprehensive poll conducted by one of Mexico’s biggest newspapers, El Universal.

NBC News on Monday evening reported the results of Sunday’s El Universal survey that found that a majority of Mexicans also support blocking migrants “from entering the country without legal documents” and another 55 percent support “tougher measures on future caravans.”

Sorry CNN.