CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Immediately Fired After Israel Remarks

We all understand that Democrats aren’t big fans of Israel. In fact, most of them would probably like to see Israel knocked down a few pegs and see “Palestine” take over the area because Democrats aren’t really fans of history and they are under this weird illusion that Israel doesn’t belong to the Jews. It always has. Since forever. But, for whatever reason, there is a large amount of anti-Semitism brewing on the left.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out what CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill had to say about Israel this weak.

From Breitbart:

CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill told the United Nations on Wednesday that Israel should be replaced by a Palestinian state, and defended the Palestinian use of violence against Israel.

Hill was speaking at the “U.N. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” which provides an annual platform for extremist rhetoric against Israel. He was present to express his views as an “invited representative of civil society.”

He added that he was inspired to fight for the Palestinian cause by the fact that pro-Palestinian activists had supported the Black Lives Matter movement in 2014. He also compared the U.S. to the genocidal Syrian dictatorship and the apartheid regime in South Africa, among others: “We must struggle together in order to resist because state violence in the United States and state violence in Brazil and state violence in Syria and state violence in Egypt and state violence in South Africa, and state violence in Palestine are all of the same sort,” Hill declared.
Hill concluded with a call for Israel’s destruction, using a familiar radical political slogan (emphasis added):

So as we stand here on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the tragic commemoration of the Nakba, we have an opportunity to not just offer solidarity in words but to commit to political action, grassroots action, local action, and international action that will give us what justice requires. And that is a free Palestine from the river to the sea.

The area “from the river to the sea” includes almost all of Israel, plus areas under Palestinian administrative control. The phrase amounts to a rejection of Israeli sovereignty.

In case you aren’t aware, the phrase “from the river to the sea” is constantly used by Hamas and other people who want to destroy Israel. Many people recognize that phrase as a call to eliminate Israel. Hill has responded on Twitter by saying he didn’t mean that but he acknowledged that the phrase has many meanings which begs the question why he would use it.

Not good.

Surprisingly, CNN actually did the right thing and canned him.

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