Little Boy’s Reaction to Seeing First Lady Is the Best Footage of Melania We’ve Seen: She ‘Looks Like an Angel’

It doesn’t get much classier than Melania Trump. She’s been a phenomenal First Lady so far and she’s definitely handling herself better than Michelle “I wasn’t proud of America until my husband became president” Obama.

The Christmas season seems to be a time when Melania shines especially bright.

We all remember this gem.

From Western Journal:

First lady Melania Trump has not been treated the same by the media as her predecessor Michelle Obama was, or still is. But with children it’s a different story, even if it’s one the media will never tell.

We begin with this sweet moment captured on video of a group of children greeting the first lady during a White House Christmas event. Their reactions are priceless.

Starting with one little boy getting attention and a big hug, soon they all surround her, all eager to get hugged. One even commented that “she seriously looks like an angel.”

It is apparent from the video that she is quick to respond to the children with affection and care. And they are loving every moment of it.

This year, she nailed it on the Christmas decorations.

Michelle seems like a nice lady but Melania’s just on a different level.