SNL Great Dana Carvey Just Schooled Alec Baldwin on How to Treat a President

You can make the argument that Dana Carvey is one of the most iconic cast members from Saturday Night Live. He was known for his hilarious impressions and his impression of former President H.W. Bush might be the most memorable. It was always funny, accurate, and respectful. That last part is important. Carvey was never mean spirited which is a lot different than how it is today.

Carvey and H.W. actually had a friendly relationship up until H.W.’s recent death.

Carvey issued a statement about his friend’s death and it was pretty classy.

From Conservative Tribune:

In the wake of Bush’s death, Carvey released a statement to MSNBC about the man he got to know in real life — a man with whom he did charity events and exchanged letters after Bush left the presidency. And it was a lesson for Baldwin and every Trump-hater in the entertainment world about how Americans treat a president.

Carvey said, “It was an honor and a privilege to know and spend time with George H.W. Bush for over 25 years. When I think of those times, what I remember most is how hard we would laugh. I will miss my friend.”

That puts Alec Baldwin and his nasty attacks on Trump to shame.

We should be able to poke fun at each other without being nasty. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be possible anymore.