Fraternity Has Savage Response When University Orders Them to Take Down American Flag Because It’s ‘Offensive’ to Others

It’s hard to believe that there are people out there who are offended by the American flag. How do you get out of bed everyday when you can’t even handle at looking at the flag of the greatest nation in history. Some people don’t like America. That’s unfortunate but it happens. However, you’re taking things to another level of delusion when you start telling people to take down their American flag because it hurts your feelings.

That’s exactly what happened at Stanford University. A fraternity was told by the school to take their American flag down.

Not only did the fraternity refuse to do that. They put up an even bigger one.

From Washington Examiner:

As a story emerges about a Stanford University pooh bah advising a fraternity last year to take down an American flag for fear of offending people, please allow a brief lamentation that the fraternity’s patriotic reply appears to be an ever-rarer response from today’s generation of younger adults.

As Paul Bedard reported in these pages last week, “Younger Americans are turning on the country and forgetting its ideals, with nearly half believing that it isn’t ‘great’ and many eyeing the U.S. flag as ‘a sign of intolerance and hatred,’ according to a new and disturbing survey.”

It is heartening, then, to read that when the Stanford administrator dared “imply that the American flag, as a symbol, could be intimidating, aggressive or alienating,” the frat he was advising responded by “instead choosing to replace it with an even bigger one.”

Be more like those guys. When someone tells you to be embarrassed about America always double down. They are the ones who should be embarrassed.

Major props.