Jeb Bush Praises Trump for What He Did Following Bush Sr.’s Death: He Seriously ‘Couldn’t Have Been Nicer’

We always hear from the media about how Trump can’t be presidential and about how nasty and mean spirited he is. That narrative has taken a big hit over the last few days. Trump has been as impressive as it gets when it comes to honoring George H.W. Bush despite the fact that he hasn’t always seen eye to eye with the Bush family.

Don’t take it from me.

Check out what Jeb had to say about the last few days…

From Breitbart:

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush praised President Donald Trump on Tuesday for his gracious response to the Bush family after the death of George H.W. Bush.

Jeb Bush said that Trump called him after his father died and “couldn’t have been nicer.”

He said that his granddaughters joined First Lady Melania Trump and other members of the Bush family on Tuesday to visit the White House and tour the Christmas decorations.

Jeb added that both the president and the first lady were “really gracious” to the family.

Clearly, Trump is putting his country before personal politics which is something the media claims he isn’t capable of doing.

Remember when Trump told us he can act presidential when he wants to? That sure seems to be true here.

The media has been talking non-stop about the beef between the Bush’s and the Trump’s but clearly the two families have been able to put differences aside to honor H.W.

Major props.