This Didn’t End Well: Elizabeth Warren Makes Damning Admission, ‘I’m Not A Person of Color’

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) whose formed her 2020 exploratory committee this past week has been finding it tough going so far.

She suffers from the same problem as did Hillary Clinton. Everything she does seems forced and for effect, with the same canned “I’m for the middle class” pitch that Hillary had.

She also claimed an “overflow” crowd with a fast looped video at a location that can’t fit 150 people and her group wasn’t the only group there.

But she also has another problem that she just can’t seem to get past.

That’s the problem of her prior claims of Native American heritage and her fiasco of a DNA test that proved her claim was tenuous at best.

And she faced that again in Iowa when that was the first question a voter threw at her. And after everything she’s thrown out there in the past, her admission in response was rather stunning.

From Daily Wire:

CNN reports that Warren “was confronted by a voter in Sioux City on Saturday morning over her controversial decision to use a DNA test to prove her claims to Native American ancestry,” and that Warren was subsequently forced to admit that she is not a “person of color.”

“I am not a person of color,” Warren told her audience. “I am not a citizen of a tribe. Tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry. Tribes — and only tribes — determine tribal citizenship, and I respect that difference.”

Warren also defended her decision to “prove” her Native American ancestry, adding that she just wanted to “put it all out there,” even though the DNA test showed Warren was likely only 1/1024 Native American (and even that is an estimate).

And the questioner didn’t let her off, suggesting that Trump had successfully trolled her into replying to the whole issue with the DNA test.

“I can’t stop Donald Trump from what he’s going to do,” Warren said. “I can’t stop him from hurling racial insults. I don’t have any power to do that,” she told the audience.

Her campaign suggested earlier in the week that any attack on her now admittedly incorrect claims was the equivalent of “birtherism” conveniently ignoring it’s simply asking about her own claims that she put out there and that her employers like Harvard touted her as a “person of color” which they do based on what the employee tells them. Now, suddenly she isn’t a person of color.

The exploratory committee’s website even went so far as to imply that questioning Warren’s claims to Native American ancestry was “racist” to Native Americans in general, even though Warren herself has used age-old racist stereotypes about Native Americans — that they have “high cheekbones” — as “proof” of her lineage, and took part in compiling a cookbook called “Pow Wow Chow,” supposedly to honor her family’s Cherokee ancestors.

So all that claiming to be Cherokee, we should just forget that all now. Time to move on, kids. Because it’s all the fault of Republicans and Trump that she’s been putting that out there for years.

HT: Twitchy