House Homeland Security Committee Reveals WHO Recently Joined Migrant Caravan — It’s Bad

Democrats don’t take immigration seriously and there about a million reasons why they should. Sadly, all they care about is votes. The votes are more important than American wages, keeping people safe, and the American taxpayer.

The pundits on the cable news networks have been scoffing lately at the idea that dangerous people, specifically terrorists, come into this country through our unprotected border.

Here’s yet another piece of evidence showing they are wrong.

From The Daily Wire:

A new report from the House Homeland Security Committee found that suspected terrorists have joined the so-called migrant caravans that have amassed on the U.S.-Mexico border, just as President Trump has long claimed.

“Recently, Mexico has stepped up its efforts to combat the migrant caravans coming in from Honduras, which has included several SIAs [special interest aliens] and potentially KSTs [known or suspected terrorists] travelling towards the U.S. border,” said the report, which also found that the Islamic terror group ISIS urges members to cross the border.

“The report treads carefully to avoid including classified information and so it is understandably light on quantifying the terrorism threat with details about terrorist suspects crossing the border,” the Center for Immigration Studies said.

If one terrorist gets into this country illegally that’s one too many.

Time for Democrats to start taking immigration seriously.