Ocasio-Cortez Issues ‘Apology’ for Threatening Don Jr – Seconds Later Flip-Flops and Defends Threat Against Him

Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York appeared on “60 Minutes” on Sunday with Anderson Cooper.

Among other issues, she spoke about her threat of Congressional subpoena power against Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump, Jr. had tweeted a meme criticizing socialism at her.

Her response was then to threaten him with the subpoena power of Congress.

People said it was unethical and possibly an abuse of power, not to mention pretty intolerant to threaten someone for a meme on Twitter, her response was he shouldn’t have felt threatened by it, which it not the appropriate answer.

Anderson Cooper questioned her about it during the interview and asked her if she would apologize.

Her answer was a classic, the apology that’s something less than it should be.

“Well, if he felt genuinely threatened by me, I apologize,” she said with a little smile as though no one could possibly take that away from the threat. “But I think, frankly, it’s legal advice that any person would give him,” she says, then laughing uproariously.

Wait, what? Is she kidding?

Any reasonable person reads her tweet as a threat to use subpoena power against him.

Trying to cast it as “legal advice” and then laughing her head off is more than a little bizarre.

The simple answer is “I’m sorry, I was wrong and I shouldn’t have done it.” Period. Not laughing her head off like it’s all a big joke.

Why is it important? Because she doesn’t seem to get that it’s wrong and may do it again to someone less able to defend themselves than Trump, Jr.

As a new member of Congress she should know that isn’t how one should use the office.

And Cooper didn’t hold her feet to the fire on it, just saying that “most politicians don’t apologize” and that she had “broken that rule too.”

HT: Daily Caller