Whoopi Can’t Hold It In, Sends Ocasio-Cortez a Strong Warning: Stop ‘Pooping’ on Democrats, ‘Sit Still’ and ‘Learn the Job’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be the talk of the town in liberal land and that’s good news for conservatives. The more she talks and spreads her ridiculous ideas the better.

However, not every Democrat is excited about Ocasio-Cortez.

Check out what Whoopi had to say.

From The Daily Wire:

Speaking on ABC’s “The View” on Monday, co-host Whoopi Goldberg blasted the new darling of the Left, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for “pooping” on other Democrats and icily said Ocasio-Cortez should “sit still” and “learn the job” first.

Goldberg’s remarks started like this:

Listen, let me just say this about Ocasio-Cortez: She just got in on Thursday; she was sworn in, and she is very opinionated, which we like. We like opinionated women. But it is very, very difficult when people make accusations where you say, you know, the Democrats have done nothing, the establishment of the Democrats have done nothing. And I just want to throw this out to you. (Rep.) John Lewis (D-GA) wasn’t sitting still. [Sen.] Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) wasn’t sittin’ still. There are a whole bunch of people in the Democratic Party who have been busting their a**** to make sure that women get what they need; people get what they need; children get what they need. So you just got in there and I know you got lots of good ideas, but I would encourage you to sit still for a minute and learn the job. And just, you know, there are people in that party who have been working their tails off for this country —