Kellyanne Turns the Tables on Acosta When He Smugly Asks if Trump Will Tell the Truth Tonight

It really can’t be emphasized enough what an embarrassment Jim Acosta is to journalism. It’s media malpractice what he does every day when he tries to make himself the story and toss gotcha questions around rather than report the news and let the viewers decide.

One of the most interesting things about Acosta is that members of the Trump Admin. continue to wipe the floor with him time and time again and yet he doesn’t get the memo that maybe he should chill out. The guy never comes away with wins. Stephen Miller tore him apart. Trump got him. And now, Kellyanne Conway decided to remind Jim Acosta how bad he is at his job.

The following video is pretty epic.

What a ridiculous question. Will Trump tell the truth? How rich is that coming from someone who works at the most dishonest news network on earth?

Kellyanne is just so much better at her job than Acosta is.

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