Watch: ‘Embarrassed Liberal’ Stands Up, Explains Why Next Time She’s Voting for Trump

There are many reasons why Democrats are letting Americans down by not supporting border security and a wall along our southern border. Illegal immigration hurts American wages, results in crime, spreads our resources thin, and contributes to the out of control opioid crisis.

You’d think that the opioid situation would be enough by itself to build the wall. More people have died from opioids over the last couple years than in Vietnam and yet Democrats simply don’t care.

Some of their voters care and the video of one woman saying she’s embarrassed about being a liberal is going viral.

From Conservative Tribune:

Sadly, reality can come in the form of a dead child — dead because of the opioid crisis that has swept America.

That’s what happened to this mother, a self-described “embarrassed liberal” who now supports President Donald Trump because of his stand on the border.

“I want to start by saying I did not vote for Trump,” the woman said.

“Will I vote for Trump the next time? Yes,” she said, eliciting cheers.

“I am an embarrassed liberal, and what started me … was the opioid crisis, because my reflection on my son Jason. Donald Trump did what Barack Obama didn’t do, what Clinton didn’t do, what Bush didn’t do: He declared an opioid crisis.