Anthem Kneeler Claims League Targeted Him With Extra Drug Tests, There’s Just One Big Problem

Luckily, the NFL anthem kneeling controversy is pretty much over. The NFL completely botched the situation and could have put an end to it immediately and for whatever reason they didn’t. That caused the situation to drag on for much longer than it needed to but at this point only a few players are still carrying on with the ridiculous charade.

One of those players is Carolina Panthers defensive back Eric Reid who recently claimed the NFL is punishing him for kneeling by giving him extra drug tests.

Except there’s just one big problem.

There is a report that says otherwise that was just provided by the NFL.

From Breitbart:

Reid had complained all year about the drug testing. Some reports claimed that Reid had been assigned at least seven drug tests this season, by the purportedly “random” testing system the league uses to check drug compliance.

The 2013 Pro-Bowl player never said it outright, but he heavily implied that the repeated drug tests were unfair. The former San Francisco 49er hinted that he thinks the tests were retaliation because he started his anthem protests in 2016 alongside protest inventor Colin Kaepernick

“This is supposed to be a random system,” Reid said in November. “It doesn’t feel very random.”

However, according to some sources, the report also maintains that Reid’s claim he was tested seven times is untrue.

Sounds like Eric Reid wasn’t being completely honest.