Forcible Kissing: Despicable Details Emerge About Alleged Sexual Misconduct By Top Bernie Aide

We all understand that Democrats and Republicans are held to a different standard and that will probably never change. Democrats are always given the benefit of the doubt no matter what they do and Republicans have to thoroughly disprove and disavow every negative thing that comes their way and the court of public opinion always finds them guilty no matter what.

More evidence of that glaring double standard presented itself recently when serious sexual misconduct allegations started swirling around Bernie Sanders’ staff. His response? He didn’t know! The mainstream media has pretty much accepted that explanation.

Now, even more details have been revealed and it’s only going to get harder for Bernie to pretend he had no idea what was going on.

From The Daily Caller:

The staffer, Robert Becker, who helped lead Sanders’s campaign in Michigan, New York, California and Iowa as a deputy national field director, has been accused of grabbing a female campaign staffer by her wrists and grabbing her head while kissing and putting his tongue in her mouth, Politico reported Wednesday.

Becker, 50, reportedly did this to the 20-something campaign staffer at a bar in Philadelphia in July 2016.

The woman warned about sexual misconduct on campaigns in a statement to Politico, saying no one should be allowed to run for president until they can guarantee a safe work place.

This comes after two dozen staffers from Sanders’s presidential campaign wrote a letter, which says there was a “dangerous dynamic” within the campaign in regards to “sexual violence and harassment.” Sanders told reporters on Jan. 3 that he was too busy running his campaign to know about the alleged sexual harassment that took place.

Sure, it’s possible Bernie didn’t know. Of course. At the same time, he probably should have and the media would never let a Republican get away with the “I didn’t know excuse”.

Could this be enough to derail Bernie’s 2020 hopes?

It sure seems possible. At the very least, he’s going to have some very uncomfortable questions to answer going forward.