Jake Tapper Presses Kamala Harris On Sexual Harassment By Top Aide, Her Response Is Cringe Worthy

Typically, liberals are totally comfortable when they go on CNN. The failing network has shown time and time again they aren’t actually interested in asking tough questions or holding Democrats accountable. They are only interested in making sure Democrats are able to push their talking points as effectively as possible. If you’ve watched Jim Acosta for 30 seconds you are aware of that.

However, every once in awhile, a Democrat will run into trouble on CNN.

That’s exactly what happened to Kamala Harris when she went on Jake Tapper’s show this week. We recently learned that one of Kamala Harris’ aides was busted for sexual harassment. Kamala has been trying to run with the “I didn’t know excuse”.

Tapper wasn’t having it and Kamala came across looking pretty bad.

From The Daily Wire:

CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) on Wednesday over a recent report that indicated she did not know about a harassment settlement involving one of her top advisors.

“As somebody who is a leader of the #MeToo movement, how did this happen and you didn’t know about it?” Tapper asked. “And what did you learn about it given that it kind of struck close to home?”

Harris started off by saying that it was a “very painful experience” for her as she suggested that she didn’t know about it due to the fact that her office employed a large number of people.

While Harris said that she took “full responsibility,” she did not apologize and did not acknowledge the alleged victim involved in the incident.


That’s the best she can do?

She might wanna brush up on these answers if she wants to run in 2020 and it sure looks like she will.

From The Hill:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) will formally announce her bid for the White House on or around Martin Luther King Jr. Day, sources told KCBS Radio, a station in her home state of California.

The sources said she would “probably” make the announcement at a rally in Oakland, the radio station added.

A spokesperson for Harris told The Hill, however, that no announcement is imminent and Harris will not be in Oakland during the holiday weekend.