Jeff Flake In Talks For New Job That Just About Everyone Saw Coming

It doesn’t get much worse than Jeff Flake when it comes to the Never Trump crowd. We kept hearing from the neocons that Flake was a principled conservative. Turns out he has no principles at all. He cares more about virtue signaling and telling everyone what a good person he is than he does actually moving Trump’s conservative agenda forward.

The people of Arizona saw right through his charade and Flake was forced to resign when he realized that he had no chance of winning again in a red state.

So, what’s next for Jeff Flake?

Looks like he’s about to be a talking head on television.

From The Daily Caller:

Former Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake is in talks with CBS News for a potential role with the network, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The report published Thursday states that Flake was spotted at the company’s New York City headquarters last Friday and is in talks with the network about a role as an on-air contributor, or possibly something more. Flake left Washington D.C. earlier this month after 18 years in Congress, including one term in the Senate.

You excited about seeing him on TV all the time bashing Trump? It’s going to be nauseating.

Jeff Flake will go down in history as someone who didn’t show up when conservatives needed him most and he’s going to go down as nothing more than a bitter and selfish political hack.

Good riddance.