Fed Up Local News Anchors OUT CNN on Live TV

We told you a little bit earlier about how CNN backed out of an agreement to talk to a local news station in San Diego because that news station was going to say nice things about the wall. That’s funny in and of itself. But, it got better.

The story isn’t over there.

The local news station ended up taking a shot at CNN during their broadcast.

Check it out…

From Conservative Tribune:

The end result was this 40-second segment posted Thursday detailing exactly what happened.

“A sign of the times in this debate on the shutdown,” anchor Anna Laurel says. “CNN asked if KUSI would provide a reporter to offer our local view of the debate, especially to learn if the wall works in San Diego.”

KUSI is an independent local news station in California. CNN probably expected someone to come on and tell them how the wall was a crime against humanity and it was a waste of money.

They weren’t going to get that.

“KUSI offered our own Dan Plante, who’s reported many times that the wall is not an issue here,” anchor Sandra Maas said.

“In fact, most officials believe that it is effective. The issue we face is the migrants and the debate over their treatment.”

“Now, knowing this, CNN declined to have us on our programs,” Laurel says, “which often present the wall as not required in other places like the stretch of the Texas border that the president visited earlier today.

“They didn’t like what they heard from us,” Laurel concludes.

Don’t see that every day.

Props to these guys for standing up to CNN.