Watch: Tucker Carlson Absolutely Savages Jim Acosta For His Embarrassing Wall Stunt

It is really hard to believe that Jim Acosta has a job at CNN. Sure, we all understand that everyone at CNN hates Trump and Acosta checks that box but the guy is just thoroughly not a smart person. He doesn’t understand the simplest ideas and it seems like not a week goes by without him being totally humiliated in a press conference by a member of the Trump administration. He’s just not good at his job.

He reminded us of that yet again this week when he went down to the border wall and pulled the following stunt.

In his mind, he was making Trump bad. In reality, he was proving Trump’s point that walls work.

You just knew that Tucker Carlson was going to mention this viral gaffe on his show Thursday night and that’s exactly what he did.


Game. Set. Match.

Tucker wasn’t the only one who got the best of Acosta. Trump got in on the action too.

You almost feel bad for Jim.