Another Media Lie Debunked: Study Shows Trump Gives 50% More Access To Reporters Than Obama

Obama was the least transparent president of all time. Don’t take my word for it. There have been plenty of reports about how Obama denied more Freedom of Information Acts than any other president.

The media gave him a pass because during his 8 years they refused to follow up on anything. Obama’s administration was plagued with scandal after scandal and yet most liberal reporters will tell you his administration was scandal free. It’s madness.

Not only was Obama not transparent but a new study shows that Trump gives reporters even more access than Obama did.

From Conservative Tribune:

Research by Martha Kumar, director of the White House Transition Project, says that Trump has given a surprising amount of access to reporters.

“At his second year into his presidency, President Trump has given 200 interviews, 340 short question and answers sessions, 40 news conferences for a grand total of 580 interactions with the press. President Bill Clinton gave the most opportunities with 610,” Sinclair Broadcast Group reported.

“When you look at all the public utterances (Trump) has: his speeches, remarks, his interviews, his press conferences and his short Q-and-A, you find over half are instances when he is taking questions from reporters,” Kumar said.

In terms of question-and-answer sessions, Trump had 340 compared to Obama’s 75.

Just remember this the next time you see Jim Acosta shouting down Sarah Sanders about how she needs to do her job.

The Trump Admin. is doing it’s job. It’s the media who is failing to do theirs.