Media Using Pelosi’s Cancelled Trip Drama To Attack Melania In Pathetic Fashion

There’s no reason for Nancy Pelosi to be travelling anywhere to during the shutdown. She’s supposed to be negotiating with Trump to open up the government. The only reason she’d travel somewhere is if she didn’t care about opening the government up which apparently the case because she recently tried to take a taxpayer funded trip on a military jet to Afghanistan and Europe.

That was until Trump put a stop to it with this epic letter.

Pelosi and the mainstream media have been scrambling to come up with a response and Nancy didn’t do a great job.

That claim that Trump leaked her plans is simply false.

The media needed something else to distract everyone from Pelosi’s embarrassment and they found something. They are shifting their focus to Melania.

From The Daily Caller:

First lady Melania Trump left Washington, D.C., on Thursday to spend the holiday weekend at her husband President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, and many were quick to attack her for traveling just hours after the president grounded Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On ABC’s “The View” Friday, regular guest host Ana Navarro brought up the topic, saying, “Let’s not forget that while he was canceling Nancy Pelosi going to visit troops in Afghanistan, Melania was flying on an Air Force jet to Mar-a-Lago in Florida.”

A lot going on there.

Nancy Pelosi is not entitled to use that plane. It’s for the taxpayers. Pelosi wasting money to go on a trip to Afghanistan is not the same as Melania going home for the holiday. Why in the world does Pelosi have to go to Afghanistan? What possible reason does she have to go? She claims she has to get “briefings”. She can be briefed in Washington as Dan Bongino pointed out.

These trips are a scam and it wasn’t just Nancy going. Several other members of Congress were going on a lavish excursion across the world.

That’s not even remotely the same as Melania taking one flight home during the shutdown. She’s the First Lady. She doesn’t need to be in D.C. negotiating. Nancy has a job to do.

Only people who truly hate Melania could try and compare these two different situations.