Shutdown Hysteria: Democrats Now Floating The Idea Of Cancelling The Super Bowl

We’ve been hearing a lot about how the shutdown has affected a wide variety of Americans. It is definitely unfortunate that so many government workers are going without paychecks but they are all going to receive back pay when they get pack from work. Nancy Pelosi has been affected by the shutdown. Her completely unnecessary foreign trip was cancelled by the president

Both sides seem to be willing to do whatever it takes.

On Thursday, Democrats apparently were even privately talking about how the shutdown would affect the Super Bowl.

From Breitbart:

Democrats are floating canceling the Super Bowl in order to push to end what is now the longest government shutdown in history, according to a report quoting several Democrat lawmakers.

Fox News reports a Democrat lawmaker confirmed that during a meeting of the House Democrat Conference–of which Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the leader–on Thursday morning, discussion of the shutdown’s effects on the Super Bowl caused a ruckus.

“A House Democratic Caucus meeting was roiled Thursday morning after one representative floated the possibility that the ongoing partial federal government shutdown might affect federal authorities’ ability to secure the upcoming Super Bowl,” Fox News’ Chad Pergram and Gregg Re reported.

“That definitely got everyone’s attention,” a Democrat lawmaker told Fox News anonymously.

Another Democrat lawmaker told Fox News anonymously that canceling the Super Bowl “would definitely lead to the end of the government shutdown.”

You have to imagine this has no chance of happening. But, the fact this is even being discussed is pretty crazy.

It really looks like Republicans are holding strong on this and the support for the wall is clearly growing according to the polls.

Democrats don’t really have much ground to stand on here. Many of them are on the record supporting a wall. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.