Bad News for Nancy: The Numbers are In for Trump’s SOTU and They’re PHENOMENAL

The Numbers Are In From Trump’s SOTU And They Are Staggering, Watch…

After President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, it was clear why he’d held out to do it in the House in his power struggle with Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The powerful speech spoke directly to the American people and it resonated, big time.

According to polls, it was a huge win for the president.

According to the Daily Wire, more than three-quarters of viewers approved, according to both CNN and CBS polls. And what’s more, people also agreed with his proposals on immigration and foreign policy.

Both CNN and CBS found that 76% approved of the speech.

More Republicans did watch the speech.

But the really good news is the reaction of that independent number and surprisingly, even some support from Democrats.

CBS found that 97% of Republicans approved of Trump’s speech, as did 30% of Democrats, and a remarkable 82% of independents.

Viewers overwhelmingly agreed with Trump’s biggest agenda items: 72% of viewers agreed with him on the need to reform immigration, 71% agreed that we are indeed facing a crisis at the border, and 74% agreed with him on his handling of troops in the Middle East.

Those are pretty stunning numbers.

And great to help move the policies and to lead into 2020.