Video: Trump Calls For Putting Humans Traffickers ‘Out of Business,’ Kamala Harris Shakes Her Head

The State of the Union gave President Donald Trump a great venue to present his case directly to the American people.

And he delivered, giving an amazing address with powerful and unifying moments.

At one point he spoke about border security and putting drug dealers and human traffickers out of business.

From Daily Wire:

“The Congress has 10 days left to pass a bill that will fund our Government, protect our homeland, and secure our southern border,” Trump said. “Now is the time for the Congress to show the world that America is committed to ending illegal immigration and putting the ruthless coyotes, cartels, drug dealers, and human traffickers out of business.”

Now one would think that last statement would be a simple thing for which one would stand and clap.

Doesn’t every lawmaker want to put the “ruthless coyotes, cartels, drug dealers, and human traffickers out of business?”

Well, maybe not.

While most rose and clapped, many Democrats did not.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), a Democratic candidate for president in 2020, shook her head “no” at that moment and pursed her lips.

Here’s her response:

As Trump then noted it’s the illegal trafficking that is not only harmful to the rule of law but also to the people involved that Democrats say they care about, especially the women.

Tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate — it is cruel. One in three women is sexually assaulted on the long journey north. Smugglers use migrant children as human pawns to exploit our laws and gain access to our country.

Human traffickers and sex traffickers take advantage of the wide open areas between our ports of entry to smuggle thousands of young girls and women into the United States and to sell them into prostitution and modern-day slavery.

Tens of thousands of innocent Americans are killed by lethal drugs that cross our border and flood into our cities — including meth, heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl.

Many female Democrats wore white at the SOTU for “women’s rights” but then couldn’t even bring themselves to clap against human trafficking.