‘She is Toast’: Elizabeth Warren May Have Just Put The Final Nail In Her Own Coffin

Democratic politicians have been having a very bad week.

From imploding scandals in Virginia to President Donald Trump hitting it out of the park with his State of the Union address and exposing how bankrupt the Democrats are on border security and so many other issues, it’s been a difficult time.

In the midst of all that, the Washington Post dropped information on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a probable 2020 candidate for president, that she had claimed her race to be “American Indian” on a registration card for the State Bar of Texas.

On Wednesday, when reporters queried her on the subject, her response may just have put the final nail into the coffin of her potential campaign.

A reporter asked her if there were anymore documents like this upon which she may have claimed herself as an American Indian.

From Daily Caller:

“Are there any more documents or any more forms like this out there that you have listed yourself as that could come out?” a reporter asked.

Warren answered, “Look, this is who I grew up believing with my brothers, this is our family’s story and it’s all consistent from that point in time, but as I said, it’s important to note I’m not a tribal citizen and I should have been more mindful of the distinction with tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty and that is why I apologized to Chief Baker and why I’ve made a very public apology.”

“Could there be other documents out there with you self-identifying as American Indian?” another reporter added.

“So all I know is during this time period, this is consistent with what I did because it was based on my understanding from my family’s stories but family stories are not the same as tribal citizenship and this is why I have apologized both to Chief Baker who was very gracious about it and have apologized publicly,” Warren responded.

That’s some dodge and weave kind of an answer.

But it’s pretty clear from her reply that the answer is yes, it’s “consistent” with what she did.

HT: Twitchy