Ilhan Omar Attacks America: Claims Illegal Aliens Entering US Are ‘Detained and Tortured’

A few of the far left Democrats including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

The group attacked the DHS and blamed them for among other things the death of seven year old Jakelin Caal, a Guatemalan child who entered the country illegally with her father and then died within hours. There has been no finding that the Border Patrol did anything wrong in the case and even the child’s father said that he had no problem with how the Border Patrol treated them.

But that didn’t stop the attacks from the far left group.

And Rep. Ilhan Omar took it even one step further in an outrageous attack on our law enforcement officers.

She claimed that they “detained and tortured” people.

From Free Beacon:

Omar told the crowd of activists, joined in their goal of defunding Immigration and Customs Enforcement, about the story of how her family risked their lives to flee Somalia into Kenya, before eventually coming to the United States. She said that because of her experience, she will “cry” every time she sees a picture of a little girl “standing in the desert waiting to get processed in the country.”

“The difference between what is happening to some of those little girls and me is that I didn’t have a cage waiting for me,” Omar said. “I had an open-armed people with moral clarity, awaiting us and saying ‘you’ve been through a lot, here’s your new home, you’re our new neighbor, you need water and you need food.'”

Omar said refugees in the United States do not receive the same “open-armed” treatment.

“They are separated and processed. They are detained and tortured. And we can’t continue to allow that to happen. At least not under our watch,” she said.

This is a disgraceful and slanderous attack on our country and on our law enforcement, all aimed at defunding the DHS, stopping ICE and deportations and having open borders. If it were actually true, it would be her obligation to report it to the proper authorities. Here’s guessing that she hasn’t done so, because she cannot support the claim.

Where were these folks when the Obama administration was actually putting kids in cages and releasing them to human traffickers?

And now she’s given our enemies a false soundbite they can use against us.

And by further encouraging the illegal activity, Omar and the others are actually putting the kids involved in more danger of harm from smugglers, disease and other dangers of such a journey.